Friday, March 30, 2012

Looking at Children's Television Shows in the 1960s--Captain Kangaroo

As an elementary school-aged child in the 1960s, I enjoyed watching many television shows such as Captain Kangaroo (1955 - 1984). After watching videos, I am impressed by the big-entertainment value some of these shows had with the primitive technology available then. One of my favorite characters on this show was Mr. Green Jeans (although he's not on this particular clip). So here for your pleasure and reminiscence is a look at Captain Kangaroo--

Here's a look at Mr. Green Jeans--

It is important to remember that even though we knew Mr. Green Jeans wore green denim clothing, the early shows were broadcast in black and white and even when the shows were eventually broadcast in color, many homes did not have colored television sets.

Hope you enjoyed...

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