Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blast from the Past

This book is a look at what some of the crafts a good wife in the late 1880s was expected to know. Notice the lack of illustrations.Today (2016), most of these things are leisure time activities of women and some men too. My paternal grandfather was born in 1888, a year after this book was copyrighted so perhaps my great grandmother had one of these.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I'm not a regular poster here but I hope that the things I've posted have a high interest level for you. I am "re-doing" my links for this blog and they will have their own page with a button to access them under the blog's header. There have been a few new links added that were helpful to me as I was working on my genealogy.

Have a happy 4th of July everyone!


Books available for Revolutionary War reading.

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