Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quick Genealogy Hints (27 June 2017)

Many times when one researches the ol' family tree dates are estimated. An example is when one sees a family listed on a census, birth dates are not normally listed, just ages so if in 1940 an ancestor is listed on the census as being 10 years old then this person's birth year could have been in 1930 or perhaps even in 1929 if their birthday is after the census date. I was taking a look at several family trees on Ancestry and comparing with individuals on my tree. Here is a look at a listing of a woman's children as was noted on about half a dozen trees.

Henry (1713-1760) 
Henry (1713-1713) 
Margaret (1715-1715) 
Margaret (1717-1715) 
Elizabeth (1719-1719) 

Please note that 1 child died 2 years before she was born. More research needs to be done because it appears that the same child may be listed twice or perhaps 2 children born in the same year were given the same name.

The thing is, double check the information. Other folks' family trees are not primary sources and are subject to errors and in this case, numerous researchers dupliated the same mistake on their trees.

Happy hunting!

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