Monday, January 31, 2011

Eleanor Roosevelt--My Impression of Her May Be Tarnishing

Interesting to note how fashions changed in E.R's lifetime 

I have always admired Eleanor Roosevelt. She was the help-mate of her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and supermom. The changing impression I'm having of her parenting style comes from the book I'm currently reading "Too Close to the Sun:Growing Up in the Shadow of my Grandparents" by her grandson Curtis Roosevelt. Mr. Curtis Roosevelt mentions numerous times in the beginning chapters that his grandmother was a very distant person, and then he repeats over and over about the kindness and love of his "Grandmere" Eleanor. Curtis is the son of the Roosevelts' daughter Anna. After his parents separated, Curtis's mother moved her small brood into the White House.  Curtis was not born with the Roosevelt surname. He dropped his father's surname (Dall) and began using "Roosevelt" after being encouraged by his mother and Eleanor to do so. This book is an easy-read and very riveting for a memoir. I'll be talking more about this later; I need to get back to reading...

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