Sunday, January 23, 2011

FREE Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

I received a Kindle for Christmas and for the most part I am very happy with it. Today as I was checking out some of the free books available for it, I was very surprised and happy to see that The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a FREE download! If you have a Kindle and are interested in this founding father then this is the way to get this book!

A quick note here: Downloading Kindle books from Project Gutenberg entails a small hidden charge from Amazon. I didn't read the fine print before doing a download on some out-of-copyright books and only discovered the charges when I visited my Amazon account. There were 3 charges of 15 cents each so they weren't going to break the bank but it would have been nice to know before downloading. Anyway, I'm still pleased with this product and the number of books available for it.

Have a great week folks...

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