Thursday, May 25, 2017

Quick Genealogy Hint (25 May 2017)

Today's hint is about assigning a family position to a family member. For example, I'm looking at an individual's profile, let's call him John Quincy Doe, and notice that through research I have discovered he has another child called Frederick Barney Doe. So, I enter this new person, Frederick, as child of John Quincy Doe. On Ancestry, one is able to go to John Quincy Doe's page and enter new individuals according to their relationship to JQD e.g. child, spouse or parent.

One day when I was working on my tree, I noticed that a close relative had been assigned the wrong relationship. She was assigned as her father's spouse. Imagine the disservice done to the individuals reputations if future genealogists took this information at face value.

Wishing you happy days climbing your family tree.


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