Monday, May 29, 2017

Quick Genealogy Hint (30 May 2017)

Often when reading newspaper obituaries, wedding and engagement announcements there may be errors as far as relationships listed in the articles. An example of errors was found in a couple wedding and engagement announcements that I was perusing the other day. Johnny Smith was getting married to Janie Jones. Johnny's step-father, Joe Doe Sr., was listed as father of the groom and there was no mention of biological father. Johnny has a half-brother who is a Joe Doe Jr. The article mentions that Joe Doe was the best man. There was no mention of Junior or Senior after the name of Joe Doe. Since I personally know this family, I know that Joe Doe Sr. was also the best man because Joe Doe Jr. was deployed with the military. Confused yet?

An obituary I had gone over listed a woman's grandchildren. Well, actually her natural grandchildren were listed, 1 of her 3 step-grandchildren was listed and there was no indication that the included 1 was not biological. A non-related, non adopted person was listed as grandchild when in fact this person was an honorary grandchild since no legal adoption had taken place.

Rule of thumb--If these newspaper articles seem "fishy" then they very well might be. Do not accept as truth until you have found more reliable documentation, preferably a primary source.

Another thing, if you are responsible for providing information for obituaries, wedding and engagement announcements, then lets stick to the facts.

Happy hunting!


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